Pam and Lucy, Fallbrook, CA – 08 August 2010


It has been a year since you helped Lucy and I. I am friends and neighbors with Heather F.

Lucy is the most wonderful dog ever. She now loves my Son, my husband and men in general. She is quite the watchdog at the front door but then wags her tail to see who is on the other side to greet with the “Say Hello” command. She is the sweetheart of the neighborhood and any place I take her.

She is so well adjusted now. She is a great trail/camping dog and stays with me while I fish. She even carries her blanket to camp fire. She is an “off Leash” dog most of the time and stays by my side.

We are over the clicking noises, for the most part. She may alert to one now and then, but quickly recovers.

She does great at our parties. Just lays in the middle of all the people, totally relaxed!

Everyone LOVES her and can’t believe how well behaved and sweetly social she is.

Thanks you for your help and guidance.

Pam and Lucy, Fallbrook, CA – 08 August 2010