Mary Ann K., Carlsbad, CA – 19 April 2004

Jen’s bywords are PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY. She models them very well. When dealing with you, she offers hints and cues, never criticism. With the pet, she does not tolerate misbehavior, but rewards INSTANTLY the expected behavior.

I got my puppy at two months of age. At three months, I was ready to give up completely. I had no idea how to cope with him and had never anticipated that handling a puppy could be so difficult. That is when I contacted Jen.

By four months, the puppy and I were both much happier. He was learning to behave and I was learning how to demand that of him. I was constantly reinforced during the training by Jen and began to feel that I could do it.

Jen is genuinely fond of the animal she is working with. To me, it is very important that my puppy was also very fond of her. When she arrived at the door last week, he was so thrilled to see her that he had a hard time maintaining his Sit-Stay position. He was in place wiggling and squiggling and wagging his stub of a tail as fast as he could. When Jen left, he stood at the window gazing out in the direction she took when leaving.

When Jen makes her initial visit and assesses with your input what needs to be accomplished, she works with you to establish a training program that meets your needs and that of your pet. She is very understanding of any limitations on your abilities-such as age and aching joints.

I am very certain that if you use the techniques that Jen proposes and follow her directions about patience and consistency, you will be as pleased and happy as I am.

Mary Ann K., Carlsbad, CA – 19 April 2004