Lorena, San Marcos, CA – 2 June 2008

Hi Jen,

We’re really happy with Shadow’s progress. She’s just done so well. I feel like she’s so smart that once she figured out that we didn’t want her to do something, she stopped it. We even took her on her first trip to a relative’s home in LA (1-1/2 hour drive), and she did great in the car in her crate and had so much fun playing at our relatives home with another dog that was there…she behaved great around other people that were visiting….I was really proud of her 🙂

She now spends more time inside with us. As soon as she comes in, she goes straight to her spot and doesn’t attempt to pick up any items on her way like she used to. When we say “ah-ah,” she let’s it go right away. We were just saying this weekend that we can’t believe she’s the same dog in that she’s done a complete turn around from where she was before you started training her. She now lets us pet her and sit with her inside which she never let us do before because she was so busy trying to nip at us. The kids can even go outside with her without her trying to jump on them which is amazing given that William rides his bike now on his own out there and she’s great with him.

I know all of this is because of you so thank you so much for teaching her and us as well. You explained everything so that we understood how she saw things. You’re a phenomenal trainer and we’re so lucky to have had you be Shadow’s trainer.

Thank you!

Lorena, San Marcos, CA – 2 June 2008