Jacque, Mike, Lucy and Buddha, San Diego, CA – 7 November 2009

Hi Jen,

Just a few lines to let you know that Lucy is doing very well….slept through the night in her new crate….is going potty on her “pooch potty,” not really obsessed with Buddha, “leaves it” when asked….does pretty much what we ask of her. As you know, Lucy is a very intuitive, sweet soul. Bless her heart!

Jen, I don’t think words can express how much we appreciate and respect you…You are so much more than a dog trainer. You and your gentle expressive ways are imprinted on our hearts….Forever….Mike and I just are so grateful to have met you at the “opportune time”…..Lucy could not have had a better time frame than to have been with you during the transition of moving….All of our lives have changed dramatically for the better. Thanks to you.

I hope to stay in touch. I have several referrals in mind. Our neighbor has an out of control 3 year old Rat Terrier…..I know when he sees Lucy he is going to want your name and number.

I’m sure that Lucy is going to be a fabulous “marketing tool” if you are interested. She commands nonstop attention everywhere we go….and now that she is “Wonder Dog,” I feel confident we will be even more in the “spotlight.” YIKES!

Give our love to your family. Thank you again for everything.

Jacque, Mike, Lucy and Buddha, San Diego, CA – 7 November 2009