Private Home Dog Training

Private Home Dog Training in San Diego, Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee!

We offer private in-home training for you and your dog in: Escondido, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista, Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Valley Center, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, 4S Ranch, Sabre Springs, Poway, Black Mountain Ranch, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Mira Mesa, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Fairbanks Ranch, Del Mar, Clairemont, University City, Mission Valley, Point Loma, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Coronado, and Carmel Valley.

Is your dog exhibiting problem behaviors? Then private lessons are your best bet. Private training sessions are tailored to the needs of your dog. One-on-one, customized lessons are the only effective way to resolve most behavioral concerns. Every dog is a unique individual, which means the cookie-cutter approach is ineffective. For more information, please complete the Training Request below, or call us at: 760-739-0580.

Advantages of private lessons:
  • You and your dog get undivided attention, one-on-one instruction, and training customized to meet your needs and those of your pooch! Lessons also include a detailed summary of exercises to practice and follow up handouts for your review
  • In-home training can better address “household” behavioral concerns that are unlikely to be resolved with standard obedience training, such as: house-soiling, nuisance barking, destructiveness, puppy nipping, jumping, manners, resource guarding, counter surfing, shyness/fearfulness, separation anxiety, digging, chasing, bolting outside, new pet introductions, preparing for a new baby in the home, rough play with young children, leadership issues, and much more…
  • The whole family gets to be involved (kids included)! This is important so that everyone is consistent with the dog
  • Learning happens quickly when your dog is on familiar turf; once training has taken hold, we add real world distractions and proof all behaviors
  • Private lessons are great for those whose schedules prohibit regular weekly attendance at a group class
  • Private training is the perfect solution for highly distractible dogs that don’t do well in a class setting or have not responded to obedience training in the group setting
Initial Evaluation:

Please note:  The fee for the in-home evaluation is $79, and requires one hour. There is a $25 fee for each additional dog that requires training. (There is NO additional per dog fee charged for training sessions/packages).

The fee for dogs that exhibit aggression/reactivity with other dogs or humans, (excluding puppy play nipping and mild leash reactivity), fear and/or timidity, or separation anxiety is $150, and requires approximately two hours. Please note that we are unable to accept every case.

The purpose of the evaluation is to learn more about you and your dog(s). We need to observe your dog in his home environment, gather input from you and your family, fully understand your training objectives, and take a complete history prior to recommending any training package.

While some companies offer a free “consultation,” this is usually either a sales pitch or a “shock collar” session. We recommend that you ask questions before agreeing to a free in-home consultation.


New Puppy Preparation and Planning    •    $150 (One 2-hour session in your home)

Get your pup off to a great start! We cover all the most important concerns of new puppy parents,  including developmental stages, spaying and neutering, puppy proofing your home for indoor / outdoor safety, choosing safe chew toys, and buying appropriate equipment , supplies, and management tools (i.e. leashes, collars, crates, pens, cleaners). We will also provide information about diet and exercise, explain the basics of containment and management, help you create your ideal house training set up, and teach you how to socialize your pup in a safe manner.

Good Dog 3-Lesson Package    •    $350 

This package is the perfect way to address a couple of minor problem behaviors (such as puppy house training or chewing), or get help for a specific situation (like introducing family pets). All packages may customized to your dog’s needs. Lessons are arranged over a 3-4 week period and are 75 minutes in length. You also receive 15% discount off the group class of your choice!

Great Dog 5-Lesson Package    •    $550 

Does your dog need a solid grounding in basic obedience?  Are there minor problem behaviors to address? Have a new puppy in your home? Then this 5-lesson package is your best bet. Basic obedience includes: sit, down, stay, come, attention, and loose leash walking. (Obedience behaviors may be substituted as needed). Two or three minor problem behaviors (puppy nipping, jumping, counter surfing, digging, excessive barking, house training, chewing, etc.) may also be addressed. Expecting a new baby soon? This package may be customized to help you prepare Fido for the arrival of baby. Lessons are typically given weekly for five weeks and are 75 minutes in length. You also receive 20% off the group class of your choice!

Super Dog 7-Lesson Package    •    $735

If you have more than one dog to train, need to work on interactions/relationships between family pets or between the humans and dogs in the family, or if you want a dog that is well behaved both at home and out in public (around distractions), this is the perfect package. Your dog will be trained to respond to your vocal cues and hand signals, and you will learn how to address moderately challenging behavioral issues (on-leash reactivity/aggression, and some long-term behavior concerns). This package may also include sessions at a local park for real world training and proofing of learned behaviors. Lessons are typically given weekly for seven weeks and are 75 minutes in length. You also receive 25% off the group class of your choice!

Dream Dog 9-Lesson Package    •    $875

If you have a dog that exhibits behavioral concerns (such as separation anxiety, dog-dog aggression, aggression towards humans, resource guarding, extreme fear/timidity), or engages in behaviors that endanger your dog or others (door darting, chasing cars, etc.), then this is the perfect training program. Lessons are given twice a week, weekly, or bi-weekly, and are 75 minutes in length. You also receive 50% off the group class of your choice!

Wonder Dog 12-Lesson Package    •    $1095 

If you have more than one dog with behavioral concerns/problem behaviors, or a single dog with multiple behavior concerns, (such as separation anxiety, dog-dog aggression, aggression towards humans, resource guarding, extreme fear/timidity), then this is an ideal training program for you.

Regular training sessions will help Fido fine tune, improve, and maintain new found obedience skills and good manners, take distraction proofing to the next level, and insure that he remains on his best behavior!

Lessons are given twice a week, weekly, or bi-weekly, and are 75 minutes in length. You also receive  a FREE group class of your choice!


The next step is an In-Home Evaluation. Click below to complete our Training Request Form. If you list a cell phone number, we will text you to confirm that we received your request. Thank you!